Pleasure Connected Dresses

Pleasure dress a connected dress with 7 functions


The Pleasure dress, connected to a sensor discreetly applied in the lower right part of the dress (at the level of the logo), communicates with you and your circle of acquaintances via the application of Spinali Design available on IOS and on Android. You can reassure your loved ones through a simple pressure of the sensor, receive fashion tips, set up your dress so you do not to forget it in the closet, inquire to remember when and where you wore it, use it to meet people or to do some mischievous games with your partner, the possibilities are numerous.


A mindset

In several models for day and evening wear, the Connected Pleasure Dress gives charm thanks to a sleek and bold design. A glamorous dress that combines sensuality, fashion, class, lifestyle and digital technology. These design and technological creations are 100 % " made in France ", more exactly in Mulhouse - Alsace - France. Every dress is unique, sewn carefully and is an ultimate combination between French-style luxury, design and technology. Every dress contains a unique chip RFID to guarantee its legitimacy and prevent forgery.


Be nice, Be rebel

Spinal Design has designed its unique naked back dresses to suit to all the women, for all the occasions.


Connected dresses