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Equipped with two vibrating sensors on the belt and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this product offers new features that integrate into your daily life.

The geolocation feature allows you to navigate through your urban settings using guiding vibrations either on the right or left side of your Vibrating Connected Jeans. This technology provides an easier, and above all more intuitive option to help you find your car or your meeting place, for example..

More fun features called “Ping” will satisfy those who want to interact with their surroundings through vibration that can be customized in terms of duration, frequency and intensity. This is useful for when you want to discreetly attract someone’s attention, or for open offices, or students.

The system can also be programmed to inform you if you are running late.

Fight the Burn Out

With its integrated push button, this clothing of the future has numerous uses: security alerts, home support, geolocation of your children, a solution for the problem of isolated workers, etc...

Active professionals and others looking for a solution to combat burnout of constantly looking at a phone screen will find the system particularly interesting. Indeed, the associated application allows you to configure your email settings so that the sensors will only vibrate in the case of very important information.

This function eliminates the need to constantly check your phone, thus putting a technological buffer between your connected life (email, SMS, phone, chat, etc.) and your need to concentrate and relax while still remaining available for essential matters (for emergency messages from children, or for receiving necessary information, for example).


And the material comes alive :

The integration of electronics into the same fabric offers a new experience of clothing use.

The fabric comes alive and takes care of interacting with the connected world to bring you new and unique sensations.

Vibrating Connected Jeans : a new method for linking the digital with design that interests both women and men who are into new technologies, but also appeals to those who are not yet aware of this new, creative, high-end project.


The Connected Vibrating Jeans understand your behavior :

With the aim of optimizing the battery life, the Connected Vibrating Jeans have been programmed to stay in sleep mode when they aren't in use. As soon as we wear them, they wake up and they connect with your Smartphone.

If you don't wear them, they fall asleep again and set in sleep mode.

The Connected Vibrating Jeans were even programmed especially to be able to detect if it is in a washing machine to stay in sleep mode even if it is in movement within the framework of the wash.

So the Connected Vibrating Jeans can be used, with all connected functions, during four years (if worn once per week) without having to change or charge the battery.


Made In France Products in the Spotlight :

SPINALI DESIGN remains true to its high-end background and is relaunching the denim sector in France!

Design, application development (for Android and iOS smartphones), and medical research is all done in Mulhouse, France.

The jeans were developed in Alsace.

The fabrics, the clothing, and the electronics are all made in France.

Several denim models, such as a skirt, two types of jeans, two types of shorts, and two jackets, have been carefully designed to meet the needs of all active people. The range also has something for men, with jeans specially designed for those with an active lifestyle.

“Be Beautiful, Be Rebelious, Be Yourself.”

True to its slogan, and in an attempt to banish clichéd ideas of the perfect woman, the brand SPINALI DESIGN continues to use only non-retouched photos to promote its Vibrating Connected Jeans: a new policy to help women banish their imperfections and feel at home with the brand.

Live the connected jeans experience